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Capital Hill Ground Breaking

Tomorrow is the ground breaking for the new Capital Hill Station. Tomorrow 5-7 The new Capital Hill Stationwill feature 428 new homes, 42% that'll be affordable housing. Good news in light of the recent releases; Out Of Reach Report. Original Source; Housing Development Consortium

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Apartment Living & Air Conditioners

Over the years we had an old and I mean old window air conditioner. Due to the fact way back before my grandpa passed away, he purchased my daughter and I one of those nice portable air conditioners. However that winter with my daughter walking some what wobbly and using everything to pull herself up… Continue reading Apartment Living & Air Conditioners

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Freeing Up Housing Idea

It's rather upsetting to hear that some of HUD's biggest decision makers are very confused on the reality of what housing is actually like here closer to the street or on the street. However I am speaking about the out look that HUD's secretary Carson has. Ironic enough let's be honest. Let's talk about those… Continue reading Freeing Up Housing Idea