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Summary of Adventure’s in Making, “Home-Made Play Dough”

playdough 1

Thinking making home made play dough would be a quick snap. I pulled up recipe 1, and being in a hurry, okay and as always I didn’t read the directions all the way before throwing the ingredients in the bowl.

As my memory was the last time I had made this stuff, it well didn’t look like what was in my bowl. In my bowl I had a supper sticky thick lumpy gloop. That was per-ma sticking to my wood spoon and not coming off. After further reading of the recipe I quickly realized for what ever reason, this way you had to actually cook the stuff. Whatever!!! when was the last time I or anyone for that matter had to cook home made play dough. Never as far as I know of. So … ,  into the sink that mess went. A little dishearten and frustrated, I gave up for the night.

My “mommy” thinking was, ooh make it why she is distracted and than it’ll just be ready for play. Not to mention the attention span of an almost 2 year old for something like this, all while having to be patient and wait until she could be hands on, is well not going to happen.  So the next afternoon after looking over my pins, the recipe I had wanted all along. Recipe 2, only now I didn’t have enough salt or all along vegetable oil. So after a couple of phone calls I was able to track down a 1/2 cup of salt. And used my spray cooking oil instead. (I am happy to report, in the very end it worked out.)

So off I go making now batch # 2 of home made play dough. Some very simple tips I learned from this;


1.) when dividing the dough in order to make several different colors, do not put into plastic zip lock bags. (as for latter on you will have to rip the bag open to scrap the dough out, not to mention it stays far more sticky than the stuff in the bowl.)

2.) brush up on your kneading skills. (I don’t typically bake.)

3.) I believe use of the spray vegetable oil caused my dough to be extremely more sticky than if I had used regular vegetable oil. There for a fair amount of extra flour was needed in the kneading process stage, than the recipe stated. (oh well. I know now next time.)


We have played with it for two days now, it’s currently being stored in a sealed plastic storage bin with lid in our refrigerator, each color I have individually wrapped in plastic wrap, for simple storage.  Can’t wait to try out some of my own and found great ideas to do with home made play dough.




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