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Moon Sand Summary

So finally after several setbacks, today finally able to make Moon Sand. Let me explain that seeing how it has taken me a few weeks to gather all the supplies. (LOL, you will understand how funny this is a little further on.) I however had the perfect storage tote already picked out for some time now. The reason being, I live in an apartment. One with no balcony or porch. So this being a full sensory ‘messy’ play project storage; location, items, and so forth are very important to have figured out before doing any project.moonsand1
Two huge bags of floor sat in my kitchen finally for 3 days. All because, in the directions for Moon Sand, they say to use baby oil. Frustrated with myself and forgetting to get some at the store, keep in mind had I had the money to get it. I sat down and started looking some more into this whole Moon Sand thing. Which is when I discovered, Toddler Safe Play Sand! Wow this stuff looks amazing. Looking at this stuff on the laptop screen I looked over at the two huge bags of plain old flour sitting on my kitchen floor, and instantly I was jealous and aggravated that I hadn’t found this Toddler Safe Play Sand sooner. Or at least before I had purchased the flour bags at the grocery store. Now normally as jealous as I was and envious at the picture of the stuff on my screen, I might have taken the flour back and exchanged them. Unfortunately I got them on clearance. So I couldn’t.moonsand3
Stuck with my white flour that I now knew could be better looking as in more like real sand. I had yet to get oil. Even though I was bent about the whole white vs. whole wheat flour thing, after some more searching and reading I found many more similar projects as Moon sand that actually used cooking oil, vegetable oil, and so on. So now equipped with this info and a math break down of how many parts oil to flour. (This was learned by the author, creator of Toddler Safe Play Sand, who seems to be one who is better able to shop and chooses to shop at a more healthy organic type stores and life style than I do. Although I do try very hard, some of being able to do that costs more than I can do.)
So any how the key is; 4 cups flour = ½ cup oil. Now anyone doing this project, knows that 4 cups of flour is not going to be enough to even get little hands dirty and into it. Using a large 10 lbs bag of flour, I chose to add about 4 ¾ cups of oil. My reason being, my little one isn’t even two yet. Although very soon, her sensory development stage isn’t quite what a toddler’s would be. Especially a toddler of say 2 ½ or 3. I have become more aware of this, the more play I have tried to do with our Home Made Play Dough. So keeping that in mind, our version of Moon sand, is more of what I would call a sticky fluffy vs. Toddler Safe Play Sand. Which uses whole wheat flour, in turn giving you more of a grainy sticky than the fluffy sticky you get with Moon sand.
Now, understand my little one just woke up from a nap. Today being a day obviously on the wrong side of the bed, after some back and forth between mother and child. Quickly changing attention from one thing to another and then another. A quick trip down to the laundry room.

Finally my little one’s mood seemed one better for tackling this project. The more flour I poured out and into this shallow plastic bin on the kitchen floor the wider my little one’s eyes grew. Soon she had forgot everything she had only seconds before been screaming about wanting, and was now squatting on the floor next to me saying “help, help” over and over. Making sure to get all the flour out, I than took my hand and rubbed it in the flour. Coaxing my little one to do the same. As she did, she squilled in delight and her hand went flying up with flour flying all over. It made me smile. She is likes flour but isn’t one real big into drawing type projects with flour. A little flour on the counter so she gets that grainy texture to play with is more than enough for her. I reached up for the oil and measuring cup. One cup, two cup, at this point a struggle broke out. My little one thought that she was helping which in turn meant she was going to be in charge of pouring the oil. NO, finished pouring the oil. And sat the cup down, I started to mix the flour and oil together, thinking my child was getting up to better be hands on in to the mixing, I smiled. Soon my smile faded back to struggling as for my child was using the fact my hands were covered as the prime opportunity to grab the measuring cup and fling what oil lingered in it all over. (This is why many associate sensory play with the word ‘messy’ play.)


 So all said and mixed, I grabbed the little turtle sand shape I picked up the night before at my local Bartell Drug Store on clearance. Some other little sandbox type toys & bucket we had, and thanks to my handsome I grabbed some little animal figures along with a dinosaur, and some happy meal type toys. The fun began, I buried some of the toys, and she dug them up. We shaped the turtle and then we smashed the turtle, we filled several bucket full and dumped out to make mini sand castle type masses in the container. Playing like the animals were climbing up them than smashing it down. We filled anything that could, one little shovel thing to the next. For a good 15 minutes. (Again keep in mind my little one’s age, her attention span is not long. There for have to keep it rapid change to keep her focused.)moonsand2

The end came, when I tried to on the sly open the lap top to take some photos of this project and her playing. My little one being a total cam hog. She was done, all her attention was now focused on the lap top and saying cheese and asking “Elmo?”, “bot?”
So over all I think, it was a smash hit. Fun, yes. Senses used and challenged, yes. Mess to be cleaned up, yes. Than for sure it worked. I said, I had picked out this container for several reasons, one being the lid. As so can play with it again. Without having to make it again. Now why I am not sure how long it will last, I hope to get at least 2 more days use of playing with it, before having to throw it away.


3 thoughts on “Moon Sand Summary

  1. Thanks for sharing our play sand! 🙂 For the record, I totally don’t shop healthy enough! I just had extra from when my grocery store was having a sale on different kinds of flour! And I feel you about having to be careful with messy sensory play in an apartment! 🙂 LOVE how much fun your little one had!!!!


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