Last Month or So (still working on this post ….. will change title when complet)

Over the last month or better, not having been able to blog or as I like to call it review and summarize activities and doings with my little one, has lead to my above list making. As I sit here racking my memory to what all have and have not done. Now why I honestly have enjoyed watching the major leaps and bounds it seems she makes daily almost. It does how ever make it hard to spend the time reviewing for my own personal knowledge of each thing and learning. So this entry will be my best review of the aforementioned list of items and projects. Along with any pro’s or cons. Things I learned, things I need to remember for next time. And the ever most important what did my little one learn, take way from each project, ect.  My goal is to also briefly at the end hypothesis what currently we are working on and doing. But will see.

Some of the item’s listed are very similar and just different versions depending upon the items being used. For that reason, I will try and group the items to the best of my ability, and  generally summarize them.  Well at least the ones that can be. :)
Color’s & Shapes was this past months or little mores main focus. Which I am very happy and proud parent to report that my almost 26 month old, officially knows the name (while speech is that of age, does best to pronounce the shapes by name as well.),  and can pick out each shape amongst other shapes of the fallowing; , ☆Star, ◼ Square, ♥Heart, Flower, Rectangle, ΟCircle, Oval, Octagon, and ◊Diamond. While with the colors speech and pronouncing of their names is not as clear as with the shapes, still a stranger would understand what is being said. So the colors list is; Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Gold, Silver (although when referring to vehicles colors silver and white tend to be confusing. Especially depending upon glare from the sun. As does lighter tanish brown colors and gold.) while struggling with what spectrum of a color some vehicles are combined with laziness. I personally also feel “normal 2 year old” attitude and personality also play a huge roll in how hard she is trying and actually thinking about her responds.

Home Made Fingure Paints  I used this recipe. In all honesty, why yes they do last if stored correctly with a tight lid. They just are not paint. Therefore you just do not get the same results that you get with plain old store purchased paint. Below are a couple photos of our paints.
Side Walk Chalk Shapes & video
Shapes Flash Cards
Bowling With Balloons I came up with this  from  party decorating photo.
Glow Stick Bath & Bath Painting, Letters, Shapes & Colors inspiration came from Super Fun Baths For Kids,
Name what color the cars are, inspiration for this came one day, after just turning off our DVD ‘Blues Clues; Shapes & Colors‘,  needing to burn off some of that 2 year old energy. It was grey and wet outside so as we walking between our apartment and the play ground. I blurted, want to play a new game? With delight she agreed. “Like Blue’s Clues shape searcher’s game, only when I point to something you have to tell me the color.” Well turned into only wanting to name the colors of vehicles. Either way we have yet to take a walk any where since that she doesn’t try to play this.
Napkin Butterfly’s
Leaf’s with the weather changing and all the trees around here dropping their leaf’s. We have used this to paint with them, to paint them, to glue them, to trace them and not to mention games like ‘find _____ color of leaf’, and kick the leafs, pretend sweeping only our broom is a tree branch, figuring out which type of tree branch works best to clear away small pine cone to them extra large pine needle looking bunch things that are common to this area.
Pretend Mail Box
Shapes Press with store bought play dough
In-door hop scotch
Color sorting, with “pretty, pretty’s” aka little girl hair tie’s     inspiration of this was Speer of the moment combined with Color Matching Game, Sorting Games For Toddlers & Kids,  Sorting colors with muffin tin of; jelly beans, m&m’s, mini m&m’s, hair butterfly clips, big color star and heart shaped beads.
Painting with potatos
Mini stamps & art, after having acquired a stamp from one of them large suckers. She was fascinated by stamps. So hit the $.97 cent bins at my local Walmart (in the holiday section) and snagged up some little party favor type individual stamps. They are a quick grab when I am in the kitchen and she is throwing one of them “I am the center of attention or else” type fits. Keeps her occupied and creatively stamping out master pieces. Keep in mind plenty her being her own human canvas for stamping too.
Bean Maraca Shaker with examples  from Musical Instrument Crafts For Kids ,     and supplies on hand.
Pretend play robot’s with brown bag made outfit
City Roads Play Mat, original idea steams from, City Play Mat. Only we used the cut up plastic white shower curtain that had been our drop cloth under my little painter as she played with the home made figure  paints we made. Along with some good old masking tape and some washi’ tape.
Moon Sand outside and added, finding pine cones, leaf’s, rocks, sticks ect to use in creating sences
Home Made Bubbles
Jump & Dance with mirror


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