no talking . . . just type (really I shouldn’t even use this title thing)

Alright, so as anyone who has a young child that is sick with the bug or who have allergies. (I spent much of my childhood, receiving allergy shots every other week to build up my immune system to pretty much everything in the world.) A child at two isn’t able to speak and express in a verbal way how they are feeling. So as a mother / parent, it’s our job to read them. Watch them and pay attention. Even when it might seem we aren’t.

For example, my daughters dieing need to go outside today, was a combination of having been inside more this past week (as I had been sick) and the fact that she is starting the really not feel good days of this bug. So trying to keep that in mind, I did allow her to go outside a couple of times. Always with coat, shoes, and forcefully socks.  Not allowing her outside for too. Long, and when she did begin to sweat and almost over heat. Using my ‘forceful to the point’ snap tone voice, of leave the coat on. She did! It wasn’t a fight. (in a two year old, that’s a good sign they don’t feel too good.) Down side to this bug thing, no real fever. That being said, no fever makes it that much more having to watch and pay attention.

So with the spitting out of food esp today, I completely am able to gauge where she is at in this bug. I can remember, the day or evening that EVERYTHING that touched my mouth just tasted weird and odd. Not like it should. I just spit it out. (Now in the back of my mind, I have this lingering fright of please don’t let this be the start of ‘food texture phobia’ as I call it.) *

Simple enough, I know, I have got a couple days at most of joy. 😉 I need to make mental note to self to put sticky note on desk top screen!  Also need to figure out how to fix curtain/draft issue majorly.

(Due to past winter’s and springs happenings I am on this boycott of moving furniture.)

* Someone very close to me, has Sensory Processing Disorder was also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction. So things are much more extreme. Like the texture of something they eat can send some of the rocker. Although that is a super extreme especially if you have not been around them and would be unaware of things that currently were triggers. For ‘us’ getting french fry’s from any where other than McDonald’s was a potential for a blow up at one point.  From personal knowledge like all children who like one thing one minute and don’t the next, a child with SI responds more extreme. Like instantly red face, mad, cries, jumping up and down unable to sit still or keep control over their limbs. (looks a lot like what we all mentally picture of a child who has eaten a lot of sugar and just running crazy.) 😉


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