Dollar Tree ® ABC cookies

While at the Dollar Tree ® the other day I got some ABC cookies. They come in small single serve packages (the kind made for lunches).

The cookies resemble alphabet blocks. With each cookie having a raised imprint of a different letter of the alphabet. You get the entire alphabet it seems in each bag.

Now, for what made this a must have staple item in our house. (at least while she is so focused on letters.) Is while riding the public bus today I reached in my bag and pulled out one bag of these cookies.  While looking at my daughter I said, “I have something new for you. It’s a treat/snack and a game.”

Although she didn’t say anything, her eyes got wide with excitement about what it could be. I opened the little bag and pulled out one cookie. As I handed it to her, I asked, “what letter is this?” Shocked and puzzled she reached for the cookie, while she looked at the cookie her legs began to kick in excitement  as she realized what she had in her hand. She proudly sat up, and in a clear voice announced the letter that was on the cookie in her hand.

“Correct!” I responded. With a nod that it was okay to eat it now.  Her mouth full with the cookie she said blurted, “more!” I laughed a little, and in the motherly way told her to finish chewing what was in her mouth, than she could have another. While assuring her I had a bag of them.

That little bag of cookie’s became the ‘magic bag’ today on the bus. Although she’d only do a 4 or 5 than be distracted by something she seen out the window, she was quick to say ‘more’ or ‘letters’ and pointing to the bag, any time someone new noticed her or sat down by us.



Once home, I started to think of the different possible games and activities that we could use these cookies with. And they seem endless, at least as of right now.

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