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Abc find & match game


Now that we know all of our capital letters, trying to keep her actively using them has become a non stop challenge. She knows she knows them, and likes to show the world and anyone that might see her.
So along with making her point out letters in signs in the stores, on the bus, when we are walking. I came up with this idea. Simple, and fun for her.  So we have made several different variations to this game.
You will need 2 sheets of construction sized paper, in which you randomly over these two piece write the entire alphabet.

That’s it, I try and use different color markers to write the letters. Also if you don’t have letter magnets as we did, some of the other ways we play are; using mini stamps to stamp instead. It’s very much like playing a letter bingo.  There are some wonderful letter bingo games, and some with free printable cards. I have included some links below to a couple of our favorite ones.
Alphabet Matching Cookie Sheet & Magnets 
Stamp-A-Letter (dabbing markers)
A to Z Free Printable Letter Finds
ABC Recognition
30+ Fun Letter Activities

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