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Cornstarch Snow


I found the recipe for what I call Cornstarch Snow, from Modern Parents Messy Kids blog. They call it ‘Making Snowman Inside’, either way it is a super easy and quick thing to whip up.

The whole thing requires two, yes that’s truly it. Only 2 ingredients to make it. And chances are you already have both the items some where in your home. I have so many times seen things that say they only take very minimal amount of ingredients and that claim you should have them in your home.  Well this one honestly deserves 5 gold stars for getting that alone correct. That being said like all messy/sensory play ‘projects’ you are going to need some thing to do it in. A box lid, a plastic storage bin/container of some kind, the bath tub (that is if you are not planing on keeping and saving it for another time to do again.)

Now the ingrediants;

  • Cornstarch
  • Foam Shaving cream (the cheap stuff.)

Truly that’s  it. Now this is how after having made this a couple time’s over the last few days, the break down of ingredients is this.

  • 2 boxes cornstarch = 1 full (brand new, never used) can shaving cream

Now that you have that, mix away. My little one was not thrilled by this part at all. She did not care nor did she like how the shaving cream stuck to her hand and than the cornstarch stuck to shaving cream. It was too much, she got about 2 or 3 good squishes in than screeched and as her hands flung up in the air, shaving cream went flying across the kitchen leaving and clumpy lumpy splatter type pattern on my cupboard doors.  No biggy, cleans up easy. Only she stood up and took off running to other rooms/areas of our home covered in shaving cream. YIKES!!! I followed behind her, trying to keep my own hands from dropping stuff on the floor.

Her hands washed and calmed down, I finished mixing the two in the bin. I have to tell you this stuff is neat. Next to the hideous cheap smell of the shaving cream, (which I am sure with some essence’s of some thing that would work similar, one could actually have good smelling snow. Although I wouldn’t do anything that was yellow. Most definitely not lemon 😉  ) this stuff is cold and stays cold to the touch and feel, when it’s loose. When balled up like as if you were going to make a snowball, it seems to retain heat. But even 3 days later we opened up the container for some more play. It was still cold, and stores quite well. Didn’t loss any of it;s pliability or volume. Which I have to say, considering it’s shaving cream I was shocked.

By the third time of play, she was bare feet in it, sitting trying to lay in  it. Why or how a toddler thinks that they can fit their entire body in a 8inch by 15inch plastic bin is beyond me. Mine had to try though, and she did. I backed off so she wasn’t aware of my presence to see how she was playing with it. When I noticed, she if it snows this year in the Valley is going to love it. She way laying her head in it, and trying to what I can only assume to be have it mash go through her hair and hit her head. For whatever reason, my daughter seemed to be getting the same kind of delight and enjoyment in the sensation and feel of this on her head.

Once she noticed me she quickly stood up and trying to act as though she had just had her head in it, reached up and out for me hand saying toes bury. I did by helping her steep into the tub, and laughed as she giggled. She must not have noticed the foot prints around the area, that she had already made. Because when she went to get out, she shoot me a look of amazement at the sight and noticing of the prints. It was very cute.

All and all, its simple and great fun for all ages. Even while watching some older kids, brought it out and they were thrilled and amazed by it. Them having experienced more snow in their life’s, than to touch this stuff was amazing. 

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