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Bath Time Painting


“Bathtime is successful when your kids get wetter than you do”

Author: Dee Ann Stewart from “What Spock Forgot”

How very true, if your a parent(s) of a younger child. (My toddler just the other night had me drying up a bunch of water after bath time.) I have provided a link at the bottom of this post of where my inspiration came from.
Supply’s You’ll Need
  • shaving cream (I find the cheap dollar store kind to work best)
  • food coloring of your choice
  • muffin tin (to use as a painter’s pallet of colors)

1.) Squirt a decent amount of shaving cream into each of the individual muffin tins

2.) add food color to each individual muffin tin
3.) Mix
4.) Have fun!

Very Simple, some of the things we do with our bath time paint are; Letters, Colors, Body parts, and for added fun a spray bottle with water or colored water, adds to the fun.

Along with bath time paint, we have had great success with bath time glow sticks. (have  not yet adventured to bath time glow paint.) Glow Stick Bath & Bath Painting, Letters, Shapes & Colors inspiration came from Super Fun Baths For Kids

** HAIR COLOR TINT BRUSH  – You can purchase at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply, or I have a couple of links to place’s you can purchase one online at. Verible, &  Colortrek


6 thoughts on “Bath Time Painting

    1. Another one thats been a big hit for us is glow in the dark sticks. You can get them for a $1 or even less at walmart. Activate them throw them in the tub and turn the lights out. Exciting and fun. I do NOT break them open as some do, because we are a extremely sensitive skin family.


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