Potty this evening

Why I really havent set out to do just entries like this, I do fully understand that as a parent it’s the little things, the funny moments, things they say, and ect. That make it so rewarding and a learning chance for us as well as the child(ren).

That being said, we have had a couple smelly gas days.  you know the kind that smells so bad it sends you diving for an air mask amongst your laughing and trying to clear out the room. All the while feeling awful that if it’s smelling that bad, you know with out doubt they have a tummy ache.

There is no logical sensible way of trying to explain or empathize with a two year old what a tummy ache is. I know why frustrating and button pushing on our nerves as a parent, it’s also heart breaking to have no way of communicating with them or fix it fast. Your left with a quick few breaths to calm your nerves and to sooth and comfort through touch and holding them or rubbing their tummys.

As day 3 was coming more to an end, my mommy frantic “oh no, do I need go take her to a doctor.” Mind set kicks in, and the running over and over through my mind is, recalling the last few days food and liquid e intakes and diet. Than a quick mental cross  checking the mental health records for her, focusing in on the dietary section. To eliminate or account for the reason behind this tummy, I now  call it an issue.

When comes on as I am standing looking at our new christmas tree still in the unopened box. And she was climbing up the bar stools in search of the couple new pretty hanging tree things as we call them, that I allowed her to select at the store. Rewards for sitting on the toilet, I am struggling to think as I am frantically looking for my sweat shirt to cover the toxic smell she has. So to the bathroom we go.

To speed this up, 25+ mins later a whole plethora of songs sang, music made by me having made a mad dash out the bathroom about half way through in search of Anything to keep her occupied and on the toilet to finish her ….. the end result was our musical instrument bin accompanying it was the bike horn, the loud ones. You know the kind I  speaking of. Yes, another 11 mins of music making and finally progress!

I post I ones myself just out of sight in the hall area outside the bathroom door. Allowing her to take card of stuff. Laughing to myself remembering times from my childhood that my parents must of looked just as crazy carrying on and singing or chanting ate or my sibling.

Which made me thankful for two parents (especially my dad) for being crazy, and a good parent. For now I was doing the same, singing and chanting.

Boy am I glade to be past this tummy issue and on to what ever ‘part of being a parent’ thing that comes next.  ♊


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