Its now 2:20am, and at about 12:45am my toddler who has been sick with a fever, blew chunks, to put it clearly all over my mattress. Which currently had been sheet less and protector less due to, can you guess? Yes! My loving toddler and her cup.

Like I said she has been sick and doesnt want mommy to be too far away. Added with some extream cold tempature outside and as a single mom, getting to the laundry room to switch or get our things turns into a “need to plan trip,” like going to the playground as an example.

So after the blowing the chunks, added on time to get everything situated and my toddler cailmed down and relaxed. We are now about 20 to 30 minutes into stain sitting on my uncovered mattress. My little one hands me my phone as she see ‘s me come out the kitchen with my rubber dish cleaning gloves on. I couldnt help but laugh a little.

So quick reviewing and an attempt at solution #1 failure. I grab my large box of baking sofa and genuinely cover the entire damp area or my mattress. +simple enough if it absorbed liquid in cat litter, well it sure the hell should be able to absorb some of it off my mattress was my thinking.

I than grabbed the attatchment for my vacume the one that had all the brussels like a brush, and after only a couple mins, I began sweeping (yes sweeping! 1. I live in an upstairs apartment.) The backing soada by hand towards the middle of the edge. And than into my dust pan.

By the time I was done it was a little after 2am, propped my mattress up on lots side in front of a space heater, and am hopping for the best. While I am sure I still need to vacume in the am. I am pretty sure smell might will be an issue but stain wise and liquid gone than smell can be simple.

I do have to add prior to backing soda I had sprayed some carpet spot removed for pets down. Will update later.

Floor here I come. Oh yeah why my toddler was now more than happy to sleep on her own toddler mattress.


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