Hard to explain

My little one has two older siblings by birth. So at night when she goes to sleep she can hear the two neighbor boy brothers, talking and laughing and giggling like siblings do until they go to sleep.

Tonight I noticed for the first time why my little one talks, especially at night how she does. She talks as though she has one of her siblings or even a made up one too. No different than how here siblings by birth do when they are around. Although to be honest she is typically so worn out for trying to keep up with them she passes out long before them.

Well I guess I can half way check off another one of my many issues and concerns hell one of the many long emails between myself and my parents. Although I still don’t know exactly how to handle it or deal, I do know amongst all the negative I am feeling with what’s on my plate I can feel some positive in clearing this step. I guess.

ADDITIONAL: I know it may be ruff on myself as I am sure it has got to be on her. Why I will do what I can to lessen some if that strain, I have also learned the fact is it’s almost 2014 and todays family dynamics are not the same as even when I was a child. That its what it is. With everything there has to be positive and negative for equal balance. That I know I am very fortunate for what it is, as is my daughter and her older siblings by birth regardless.


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