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Should of been Sun catchers

° clear contact paper
° colored tissue paper (either cut into squares/strips/circles&squares; OR have your little one(s) ripped up into small prices.)
Optional Supplies; construction paper, scotch tape, ribbon, washi tape, scissors.

Simple I figured. For my little one to work on why I had hoped to finish some emails and put clean dishes away. Ha ha ! Little did I know at the start of this project it was going to end up taking 4 hours and a lot of fit throwing from my toddler before I had, enough and picked up.

So the Sun catchers instructions are this;
1) cut a square or any shape out of contact paper.
2) remove the backing off the contact paper.
3) ad hear the non sticky side of the contact paper to the window or sliding glass door. (I did this by using a small price of scotch tape.) Remember you want the sticky/tacky side of the paper stick away from the window and towards you.

4) take your cut or ripped up tissue paper and press onto the contact paper. Piece by piece.

5) Continue doing this until you have covered all the sticky/tacky part of the contact paper. It’s ok to have some of the tissue paper over lapping a little.

6) you can now add construction paper if you want. Remember what ever is in construction paper will be a solid coloured.
(Like my boarder and finger bread man.)

7) take another piece of contact paper. Removing the backing just like in step 2 above.
8) place the sticky/tacky side this price directly on top of your other price. You want to make a contact paper sand which. With both prices of contact paper (like peanut butter) inside. Than the tissue paper and construction paper if you choose become your jelly.
9) remove all air bubbles, than hang.

Only my little one wasnt having it. She instead took all the tissue paper balling it up in her fists and than throwing it up in the air. Similar to how she did the other day with her first real active snow experience.

I thought it was cute the first time. Than the more she did it the more crinkled all the tissue paper became. With the wider the circumference tissue paper covered the more frantic about all of it being wrinkled.

Why I was so set on her doing this project I kept asking myself. Later thinking about it, I realised it was really my own failure I was worried about. I had choose this project for the use of contact paper. It. Being a cool item its self, clear, see through, yet sticky like a sticker. Tissue paper one of the softest papers, yet still allows light through. You can take a sheet of tissue paper and like with those large parachutes we all played with when we were young. Tissue paper has a similar response when lifted in the air like that of the parachute. The colors of the tissue paper we were using were bright and strong. Allowing for them to stimulate a toddlers brain.

The motor skills needed, we’re not too challenging. All combined I had figure as well as planned for this to have gone smoother and very different than it did. So the underlined truth to my frantic desperation for her to complete this project some way was really my inability to have to admit I had choose the wrong project for today. Maybe it was her mood and personalty weren’t blending with it. Who knows.

Now why that is my thoughts after its done and I have calmed down and thought about it. However at the time of the project this is what you would of seen. Myself franticly trying to grab up all the little pieces of paper, and unwrinkle them. As she was grabbing them to throw up in the air. I laugh now, I stood up walked into the kitchen took a couple deep breaths. Grabbed up the foam letter stickers and returned to sitting by her on the floor.

Still unable to completely give in and up on the whole thing, I began grabbing out one letter at a time, while asking what letter it was. The end result is below.


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