To ease into new bed

So with the past month and all of the holidays, my lil got s new bigger bed.

I had purchased the bed its self before the holidays but after a huge meltdown from my lil after my first attempt at introducing it. I quickly realised that I was going to need to be a little more creative in making this a smooth transition

This came in a couple ways. First was we were finally able to move into a bigger apartment. (This is one very thankful mommy!) So all moved, still needed a mattress that fit the now bigger bed. So a little looking online, and found it! I must say I am super proud of myself for this. ** see below.

The day the mattress arrived, I unwrapped it following all the instructions. While it sat for the mandatory 48 hours prior to being used it dawned on me, pretty lights as my lil calls them. A second latter I was digging out a small strand of purple led lights from our Halloween decor box.

I first thought of using large upholstery tacks to hold them, but after some self debating, I went with just wrapping them around the wood. Now the real test was going to be at night.

I put some thought into it, just after finishing bath time i grabbed pj’s and plugged them in. As my lil  came out the bathroom a shrill of excited “oh”. And “aww’s” followed with “oh my bed!”

It was a smash hit. Still is every night on our good days. 😉




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