Learning & Family

Cheerios & Pipe Cleaners

Just like the title, pretty simple. Your little one gets to work on their fine motor skills or hand and eye coordination as my parents called it.

I picked the very stale box that had been taking up space in my kitchen cupboard. As it wasn’t being eaten nor did it look like it was going to be any time real soon. So I dumped it into a plastic shallow type container. (I was going to regret this soon.)

Pulled out a couple of pipe cleaners. As always purchased at my local Dollar Tree™ . You know as much as I am plugging that store, here and its positive. That there wasnt some kind of win win thing  between them and myself. As far as marketing and some form of revenue either advertising or some thing.

I than demonstrated to my lil how she was to feed the pipe cleaner through the hole in each Cheerio. 


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