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Mixed Sensory Bin & Letter Dig


Although a little chilly out, try telling a two year old that. Ha!
So in an attempt to negotiate with my lil who is already extremely congested and fussy.

Now any parent who has ever had a congested little one, knows thanks to that yucky runny nose that there is a tummy not feeling good. So listening is far from a strong ability during this time.

So I picked a combination of things that take very little instruction, least amount of listening required from my lil. I grabbed up what I call our mix sensory bin. It consist of our colored rice and left over dyed noodles. Threw in a staple item for our home, magnetic alphabet. Gave the sensory bin a few good shakes. With the lid on of course and most important, out of my lil’s eye sight.

On my way out the door seen our DIY mini white board that had been propped up against the wall close by. I sat it up and opened the lid to the sensory bin. Just grabbed a chair and sat down. My lil dug right in uncovering letters, each one she dug up I questioned her what letter she had found.

I have noticed, over the last week her semi unintentional motor skill of placing items in a line. She calls it a train, unfamiliar with the difference yet able to recognize the basic similarity of the two. That she has began to become very picky about these trains she creates with everything And every where.

I would advise for the future that any and all sensory bins consisting of rice be done inside. Being rice, if eaten by a bird can kill them. So in an attempt to help mommy clean up, she wanted to control the dust pan. Which would of been ok had what was on the dust pan made it into the garbage I had brought out doors. Instead with each only half dump came a flip which sent the rice flying outwards towards the parking lot of our apartments. I spent time sweeping the parking lot than as my lil stood on our porch flapping her arms and tweeting like a bird.

I can only imagine what it could looked like to people driving by.

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