My DIY Valance


Another one of my DIY things to make our apartment a little more personal and or hommy feeling.

Why I do enjoy the privacy of blinds the typical hardware appearance of these blinds is extremly ruff.

With the distance from wall to where they are hung, putting a normal curtain rod up, although I did try. Didnt work. Not without having to go spend more $ than I had.

So $3 spent at my local Dollar Tree™ for foam board. Yes foam board. The kind you used in school for like the science fair project. I got black. I found the fabric/curtains at my local Goodwill. They were that days color tag, so about $1.00 a each. I got 4 but only used not even 2 whole ones.

I carefully cut all the hems and stitching on them, than low heat (learned MUST use low heat the hard way) ironed them.

Another $3.12 at my local JoAnn’s™ Fabric and Crafts store. For a can of spray adhesive with a in store coupon for half off any regular priced item. What a steal! Who doesnt enjoy half off coupons?

I mimicked this photo/sites example. All Things Thrifty only as I said, I used foam board. Than sprayed and attached the fabric.

Attaching the finished valance to the wall was a light bulb idea. As you can see by the photo below. I used the brackets that came with the blinds only hot glueing them to the foam board. [I used a low heat gun so to be able to pull apart when I move or change decor.]

Attatching the clips to the blind after now attached to my valance by myself was to say the very least a chore. After a little frustration and my lil two year old attempting to use the valance to hang on or jump for like it was a game. I did it!!! Success. Done and looked good. With some little sticky dots I put on the wall and than pressed the ends of valance against the finished product.


$3 foam board
$2 curtains/ fabric
$3.12 spray adhesive

$8.12 TOTAL

I will have to share my DIY privacy window sticker project that is 100% effective and far less than the cost of the privacy stickers you can purchase.

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