Neon Glow Bath


Another favorite bath time fun activities or as I tend to use as a reward type treat for something that my lil did good.

Before I mentioned this I believe briefly. As you can see by the photos its quite simulating for even us adults. Just imagine the joy and excitement your little ones are sure to have being in the bath.

I found several sites that suggest or in one way break open the glow n dark stick or what ever. My lil’s all have extremly sensitive skin. Along with I am not very open to the idea of my lil ones naked skin in a tub full of water just soaking up what ever it is no matter how non toxic they are. (Especially young girls private areas. Non toxic or not it i vision a big red fire truck at the even slightest notion of it to me.)

Bubbles seem to take on a whole new look as well. I compare it to watching a movie on a typical tv, than add glow sticks and now your looking/watching the bubbles on a 3D tv.

I known your little one(s) will have pure enjoyment with this very cheap “treat”. I picked up these glow sticks, in photos, at my local walmart for $.97 for a package of 5 multiple color ones.

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