Sensory Box Swimming

Please note that this was not my idea.

My phone was going off so as I scrambled reluctantly to uncover it from the growing pile of paper work and mail that seems do be taking over the kitchen bar. I told my little that long as she played correctly, she could continue.

Big mistake on my part. I should of stopped her and said because toh have not been listening very well the last couple of days. You will need to wait. But no i didnt.

So at my return from standing outside and smoking. I returned to find my lil not just playing in the mixed sensory bin but swimming with her whole entire body in the bin. Attempting to cover her tummy, giggling with delight as she allowed the dyed rice to trickle through her fingers and landing on her tummy.

I smiled and laughed a little at her pure excitement and joy that was only reinforced by her giggles.  Takeing a couple quick snap shots and sending to grandparents, I looked up And realised my entire kitchen floor was covered in dyed rice and noodles along with Cheerios®…

Although their had now become a huge mess to clean up. Listening to her giggling and watching her I realised that it was worth it. She was doing exactly what a sensory box/bin is for.

So cleaned up and now to bed.

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