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Dyed Salt

So dyed salt. Over all not one of the simplest things we have ever done. Although if takes a whole 2 supplies. (3 if you ask me.). The drying of the now dyed salt seemed to be far more time consuming and difficult than dyed rice or the dyed noodles cooked and not cooked versions.

The site that I got the instructions on how to dye the salt was,How To Make Colored Salt, by Cathy James.

IONIZED SALT (table salt)
TEMPURA PAINT (I used poster craft paint.)

1.) pour salt into a gallon sized ziplock bag.
2.) Squeeze about one table spoon of paint into the bag. (More for darker salt and vice versus.)
3.) Close the bag
4.) Shake the bag for a good 5 mins or more.
5.) Dump the salt on a very shallow baking sheet lined with wax paper. (As I found out than placing the baking sheet on top of stove with the oven door slightly ajar and on. Works the best, and quickest.) Once COMPLETELY DRY,  play and enjoy.

What was a little bothersome was the salt and paint mixture left semi hard balls of paint in the final product. Prior to it being dried all the way you could take the balls/blobs and mush them between your fingers. Which than left a painting dye on your fingers.  And you left with a salty wet mush that needs to wipe off your fingers some how and finish drying.

If you wait until dry most of the larger balls/bloobs you can press between fingers and they crumble. Although to have perfect salt, you than are going to want to sift your sand pulling all the small ones that are very hard out. Leaving you about 1 tablespoon less depending on how you go about it.

My lil had fun. She actually started to take her pointer finger and draw squigglys and such in the salt. So over all I would have to say its was a success. In fact since than she has been playing on the android, on a pant app where you use your pointer to draw. So it was a success.

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