Notes to self on development markers

I wanted to take a minute to blog about some key child development markers I have noticed with my lil.

1.) For the first time today in fact, I caught her playing as though another small child was playing with her. If not just sitting there and cmunicating with her.
I couldnt help but smile and laugh a little. First at my first “wth are you doing,” remark. After noticing and her repeating gesture as though she was playing with someone.

2.) More of an interest in Barbies® and frankly anything that has clothing on that can come off.
Like the elmo doll that was stripped and could figure how to and/or lost all interest in it. Barbies® are the current flavor.

3.) Very territory as an example, this is mine. Thats yours. My mommy, mine. All them M words.

4.) A desire to show that she understands that people have names as well as are something.
For example all though she doesnt quite get that people are ‘whos’ not ‘whats’, she does like to ask “what’s that?” While pointing to herself, or another person in the room. Although for a long time has only done this action with pictures, books, ect.

5.) Wants space to do as my lil wants while not feeling alone.
I have to say this does become a bit of power struggle feeling, especially when in public. Why I understand its part of figuring out who she is and her roll it is very button pushing to say the very least.

So now that I have been able to put some of my “mental notes” to my self in type I am going to take advantage of nap time for me too.

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