Learning & Family

PomPom Magnet #’s


Originally I had made these one night in anticipation of an appointment the fallowing day. Hoping that these would not only be something new (which is always a plus when it comes to keeping my lil entertained.), but educational as well.

My lil had kind of been on my case for a couple days leading up to me creating these. *by saying on my case i mean that she was asking me things like; what letter?, what color?, what number?, and so forth.

I had hopped to of had printed ink but still didnt have any and as I said I had an appointment the fallowing day in which I was going to need my lil to stay self entertained during the appointment. Which we all know when it comes to a two and half year old, I would probably have better luck predicting the weather.


So no printer ink I grabbed up some supplies;
– white construction paper
– a pencil
– a black marker
-1 dabber marker (the kind they use for Bingo)
– a pair of scissors
– a glue stick
– contact paper

I took the construction paper and folded them in half the hamburger way.

Than using my scissors I cut along the fold. Thus creating two large card size pieces of paper. I than took my pencil and drew one number on each card, one through ten. I than traced back over each number using the black marker. Followed by using the dabber marker to dab each number.

Than taking the glue stick I glued two together making sure the numbers were on the outsides. I than take contact paper and sand which the cards between two prices creating a laminated card.



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