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Laundry Line Letter Match


My lil one is two and half and completely recognizes all 26 capital letters of the alphabet. My confidence in saying that statement is supported by at any time walking down the road you can point to a sign (as long as all letters are capital ones) and ask my lil what letters? She will read off every capital letter no problem
In short she recognizes them in any order.

Lower case letters however are not so good. With that using Hung Out To Dry from What Do We Do All Day and Allison McDonalds, Hanging Out The Wash. I created our own little version of the two.

If creating from scratch you will need a flash card for each of the 26 capital letters of the alphabet and 26 more for each of the lower case letters of the alphabet. I cheated a little and used the letter cards from our “Bessy Bus Book.” Which is out of a standard 4×6 photo album. So all pages/cards fit. I purchased a pack of die cut alphabet from my local Dollar Tree™. Unfortunately the die cut letters didnt come with any lowercase letters. So taking more of the neon multi colored note pad pages I wrote lowercase letters one on its own sheet.


We used some scrap yarn for our ‘laundry line’. You can use anything you may have. Although as I found out depending upon your lil’s skill level, using a thicker stronger string, wire, yarn, rope works best. The yarn turned out to be small and difficult for my lil to get the clothes pin over.

Than enjoy. We tried several different various ways l of playing. All resulting in my little being very frustrated with the difficulty of trying to grasp the clothes pin in one hand and holding the paper to the yarn well enough to attach the two.

End result being we will try this one again in a few months in the mean time I am going to look for things working on fine motor skills more.



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