Toddler DIY Lunchable

We have all numerous time purchased a lunchable for our lil’s big and small. Chances are like my lil she only eats maybe two of the 4 compartments refusing to eat the others. Making it even more frustrating the sections she will eat can vary day to day depending on mood and such.

Why handy as they may be they dont offer any fruits or veggies. Not to mention my lil prefers gold fish crackers or teddy grams, just as a couple examples over large ritz type crackers any day. Can you blame her?

In my frustration this past week of the difficult eater times we seem to have, more times than not. Wait,  . . . Its more of a must go go go attitude of my lil than to sit down and eat. Leading to why in our home, I find finger foods that my lil can eat and munch on as she is moving about is perfectly ok.

Now equipped with that I wanted a way do allow my lil the ability of finger foods with the same similar convince of a lunchable. But with the variety and complete meal, as in several food groups, that a typical sit down meal offers.

I did some look online and came up with many different various ways. To the kitchen I went, the ending product photo below.
I chose to use a ice tray and cut up the

food to fit, making sure some of the options were offered in more than one cube.

Topping this first attempt off we sat outside and ate. She loved it!


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