Puzzle Storage Fixed

With the past 2013 holiday season I purchased my lil the Melissa and Doug© Single Wire Puzzle Storage Rack/Case (although I got ours at a local Target™. Amazon sales them at a great price.


So the above photo is a image of the item from a store.

Below is what ours looks like. Plus you can see some of the differences between the two. Yes, ours is Melissa and Doug© brand.


Now on the top of ours sits a Melissa and Doug© brand puzzle, but it not being a peg type as the others it only fits by placeing on top.

Below you will see a couple of the wood puzzles I had purchased at my local Dollar Tree™ some time last spring or summer. With them much smaller in size they had previously been stored in a ziplock bag.

In a need of a ziplock bag and not having any … lead to puzzles piled and tossed apoun a shelf. Wanting my lil to get usage out of them I remembered how when I was a child and went to a home daycare she had these plastic trays specifically for puzzles.

I shaking my head looked up and as though some triumph music would be playing (well in the movies) was a scrap price of foam board. Also purchased a couple months prior from the Dollar Tree™. Some hot glue and …. see below image.



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