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Tiny Stars Sensory Bin


With salt, moon sand, beans, corn starch, flour, rigatoni noodles, water, toddler safe sand, and Cheeros just to name a few of the sensory bins we have done. I was excited when I stumbled upon Amanda’s, Rainbow Stars. Which uses Stelline pasta, commonly used in soups.

Before I went searching for this pasta that off the top of my head I couldn’t recall ever seeing at my local grocery stores. I made a quick mental check list of pro’s that a new sensory bin that’s construction consisted of more dyeing and drying before playing.   
• stars always a +
• bright colors even rainbow
• small like the rice (to this day its stored under my bed. My lil loves it so much still probably her favorite.).                                                  Wow 3 right off the top of my head . . .  Yup this was surly something I was going to go hunting for. I was twice as shocked to find it at my local Safeway™. Although it did take a little looking in the pasta section. Only one brand offered the tiny star pasta. Note the location basically the height position wasnt not at the bottom nor was it in the general quick glance eye level area. I would call its location to be mid way bow to 3/4 of the way down and off to the end of its brand area. With only one maybe two boxs visible.

Back at home now equipped with my pasta, as with so many before I put about a cup to a cup an half into a ziplock bag, vinegar, food coloring and starting shaking the bag. WAIT! nothing was happening. The pasta wasnt changing color in fact the pasta appeared to be sticking to the bag. Instantly I knew something wasnt right so pausing and going with my second thought I opened the ziplock and add a couple more drops of food coloring directly in. Closing it up and continued shaking. Nothing still.

Sighing slightly I placed the ziplock bag on the counter and picked up my android phone for a quick check at the instructions on Amanda’s blog.


Figured it out, emptying the the ziplock and starting again. We had colored pasta. As in the past emptying the bag onto a sheet of wax paper and repeating with a different color.

The fallowing day taking the very shallow baking/cookie sheet out of the off oven, I dumped the pasta into q small plastic box and off my lil and I went to play outside with our newest sensory bin.





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