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Chalk Paint

So after having a cancellation this morning I decked what better way to not only help my mood and emotions I have been feeling, as well as hopefully gain some kind of more ground with my lil who is very head strong and stubborn.

I went looking through my collections of things. I knew it had to be something outdoors as well as something new. To really stand a chance against my lil’s terrible two ‘s lately.


Although we (okay I) had attempted a version of this towards the end of last summer that didnt turn out at all like it was supposed to.  The recipe I used this time how ever was for Erupting Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint.  Truth be told I hadnt even gone near any form of “diy sidewalk chalk” since the last time, the only time.

Thinking back I had attempted to make a sidewalk chalk paint that you were supposed to be able to use a paint brush with. With my lil older now and more fine motor skills on her list of abilities. Oh and this version uses a squeeze bottle method.

• Baking Soda
• Corn Starch
• Water I suggest using warm/hot water.
• Food coloring
• Squeeze Bottle(s)
• Funnel or large measuring cup/bowl with an pour spout
*you will notice the use of baking soda along with for the erupting part you will need a spray bottle with vinegar in it.

You are going to use 1/3 cup of baking soda, corn starch and water. (Remember hot or warm water.)

Mix all three ingredients in your measuring bowl or as I used was a large glass drinking cup. I also chose to use a butter knife to mix all three together.

Than using either your pour spout or as I used a plastic funnel to pour the mixture into your squeeze bottle. Not having any squeeze bottles I McGuivered two real fast by taking an empty 16.9 fl oz Safeway water bottle and a water bottle spout top from a kids Bug Juice drink.

Although the two tops did not match I just twisted it on till it could go much more, and added a strip of duck tape around the top just to make sure.

Make sure before attaching the top of the bottle you add your food coloring. The more drops of color the more vibrant color your chalk will be. I also suggest if using the neon food coloring as we did. Dont mix colors stick to as is. I choose 6 drops of color each bottle.

With the lid/top on shake.  Thats it.


My lil had a blast. Thrilled with the easy ness that the paint came out, and the splatter affect she could create. It wasn’t’ long before my rain boot wearing kid was enjoying to the fullest jumping and turning in circles watching not only her dress (which it feels like she has to wear 24/7), spin and turn but the splattering of the paint around her and on her boots.

Not to forget the ever fun swinging ones arms side to side while squirting the paint. Than against all instruction not to pour just in a big puddle. She did that.


Although I took the opportunity to than photo how it looks like splattered paint it actually is visible by raising up as it changes from liquid to semi hard form. As you can see in the above two photos.


I encouraged my lil to touch it and play with it once it formed some. She was far too delighted and  consumed with squirting the paint than to spend too much time touching it and exploring it. Never the less, because I did use a recipe that has backing soda in it.

I ran inside and. Grabbed a spray bottle with some water and vinegar in it. The watered down vinegar had little to no effect on the dried paint. Avoiding the soon to fallowing fit that was coming from my very stubborn lil I quickly snatched the spray bottle from her. Jolting inside and emptying all the contents and refilling with vinegar.

Although there was a chemical reaction it was so small that my energetic lil in her rain boots was steeping on it trying to see it. A collection of the after effects of the pavement outside our apartment.



Over all I was thrilled by the fact my lil was able to work on some fine motor skills and wasnt restricted to a sitting position. In fact she was able to do the complete opposite and run about moving and fling her limbs and core about in any manner she felt like. Not to mention some of the energy that typical early spring weather doesnt allow for.


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