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Hanging Bird Feeder Combination


This whole project was spur of the moment. I had originally had my lil stringing the beads on to the string to work on her fine motor skills.

As she sat stringing them I wondered what I wad going to have her do with the string once full. Necklace? No. It wouldnt last and I would spend the next week finding and picking up beads all over the house. My next option was to attach the string to something. But what?

I had online seen some one make a bird feeder …. so android in hand and …. wall-la.  Kid Made Butterfly Feeder. Now with theirs they used a clear plastic bottom/base. We used metal and than made it for the birds.

• 1 bottom (we used a stove top burner cover tin.)
• string
• beads
• o ring (anything that you want to use to hang it from will work.)

Poke 3 holes in the base to feed the string through. These will be used to hold the feeder up so dont place the holes too close together or all on one side. Than allow your lil to string beads of their choosing on each string. Once complete take all 3 strings and tie together. Make sure you allow enough string once tied together to tie to the o ring. Or whatever you have chosen to use to hang your feeder from.


If only it went that simple for us. Only my lil wasnt at all into stringing the beads so it took almost two days to finally get her to sit down long enough to finish them. I blame the weather. Haha. While she was putting the beads on the string, I came across in our bead bin a bunch of circles made from melted pony beads, that hadnt been put to use and were just sitting in the bin. Some plastic string stuff added to them and we now had a bird feeder that was Also a wind chime.


So over all this was a project that combined several elements to make one unique finished product.


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