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Chalk+Water=vibrant fun

So the other evening as my lil was outside and playing with the neighbor kids. The two younger two (my lil being one of the two) were frantically, what in general would be referred to as coloring; although at their ages its more lines of varying sizes.

So as the two little ones squatted on either side of a cement parking barrier in the parking lot. Each with chalk in hand were working together at turning the white cement parking barrier into a colorful work of art.

When I had one of them light bulbs came on above my head. I had remembered that at Lemon Lime Adventures they have Chalk Puddles. I ran into the house and grabbed a pitcher full of luke warm water. Returning outside with the water I bent down and poured out some water. Now in a perfect world this would be a level parking lot and i would of achieved a puddle. Instead I had more of slow trickle that branched out to many mini streams.

Acting fast I grabbed up a spare price of chalk. Lucky to have already gained the younger twos attention by the pouring of the water. I drew a couple lines that resembled more of thin stripes. In the water.


Taking my hand I smudged the chalk in the water similar to oil pastels. And instantly I had both kids scampering to any where there was still water and try for them selfs.

This lasted for a good 40mins and several pitchers of water.


*I took the above photo and added the quote. Than had it printed poster size and it hangs on my living room wall.


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