Arts & Crafts

Sweet Bunny Head


Trying to plan ahead I had come up with a couple of different ideas of things for my lil to do, unfortunately she wasn’t going for any of them.

So grabbing a price of construction paper I drew a bunny head to the best of my artistic abilities. Than placing the sheet of paper with the head drawn on it in front of her, I grabbed some school paste and a plastic container lid. (This is what I use the plastic lids that seem to build up around here. The ones from sour cream containers and tubs of butter/margarine.) I poured the paste onto the lid. Turned around and grabbed out of the kitchen cupboard a bag of mini marshmallows. Taking a couple handfuls of marshmallows and making another pile opposite side of the plastic lid with the paste, keeping the sheet of paper with the bunny head inbetween the two.

My lil’s eyes had already began to gleam with excitement the second she seen I had grabbed out a bag of mini marshmallows. Throwing avery fast and quick set of instructions and demonstration to here. I picked up a marshmallow, dipped it into the paste and placed it on the bunny head. Repeated a couple more times, making sure to point out that every time I was placing each marshmallow on the outline of the bunny head. “Like a train. Going around the bunny head drawn on the paper,” I explained.

A combination of 1.) My lil’s own artistic abilities 2.) Trying to sneak and eat a marshmallows.
*I had set a separate amount of mini marshmallows just for her to eat at the start.
She was doing a; one for the paper, and one for me. Stopping her I attempted to try the instructions and demo again.

Finally we had a finished bunny head and what if not already, a sugar buzz/tummy ache.

While this was the first real attempt at a arts and crafts project where she didnt have so much artistic freedom as previous projects had. This one required here to follow the pattern. With which was a bit more difficult than I thought it would of been for her. The mini marshmallows I am quite sure had part to do with it. She’s able to do other things puffball magnets just fine.

I plan on a retry of this following or tracing type project in the near future only with maybe noodles or something not quite so yummy and sweet.


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