Learning & Family

1st Planting

Finally some nice weather. Although this year here in the Pacific North West we have had abnormally warmer weather. Never the less I had an extra $20 in my pocket and went straight for one if the home improvement stores. I have never had a place before of our own that we have the space amd ability to plant flowers with a patio. So not only was it going to be A first for my lil it was mine too.

Let me point out I have learned one does not need to go to a big home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot to purchase perennials, pots, and some dirt. When many other stores offer the exact same for cheaper. Some with even nice flowers. Now a couple weeks since we did this and already the flowers in which we purchased are begging to die.

So equipped with a bag of dirt, flowers and some plastic pots purchased at local Dollar Tree™ we were home ward bound. Thankfully a kind neighbor who lives in our building had given us a ride. Or else I would of been stuck trying to wrangle my two year old, a bag of dirt, plants and pots all on the public bus.
[Thank you again to that neighbor.]

Once back home I broke out the drill. The pots that were purchased at the Dollar Tree did not have holes on the bottoms. Probably why I was able to purchase at the dollar tree. A couple minutes latter all the pots now had holes for drainage and were ready to house the plants that my lil and I had selected.




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