Learning & Family

Bath fun & review of new schedule

It seems for about the past week if it isnt one thing than its another. All typical life stuff. Throw in some family stuff, and school, work, youngster socially, it all adds up to very little time to think. Which also is kind of a relief.

After dinner the other night during bath time. Trying to respond to my lil’s world having changed drastically with our new schedule. Which doesnt have time as much for ‘scholastic learning’ like before. Which she dearly craves for her own little brain. I had been slacking I guess on it and allowing her to dress up. But with each day her screaming in her own way. By this I mean my lil constantly evening after evening would pull the same letter puzzles out and over and over. Which maybe as I feared, she might need more than what she is getting where shes at. That socially she is improving with others around her age but the straight feeding her brain knowledge so she doesnt get bored and either sleep or for the most part she really only acts out at home because she is comfortable here. I do know that as nice as my lil maybe if she isnt comfortable or I havent picked up on something she thinks yet than her body will show it as well as her eating.

So trying to show her I am aware of what her little actions are saying, that I grabbed up these bath crayons from the dollar area at Target, I believe is where I purchased them at. Using the tile of the bathtub as our canvas we worked on learning more lowercase letters.




Her smile said it all. Success! She as well as I were both getting something we were hungry for and needing.

I need to odviously work on having more scholastic type things for my lil to do. Which I will once funds will allow. The two round trip cab fairs wasnt budgeted but needed. My budget needs to be reworked some to account for emergency type things such as the cabs. That I need to figure out where to get that $ from to store/save. Ohhhh yeah theres my YWCA coaching program I need to look at that account both are LOW. ….


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