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Painting with Feet

I dont know how many of your lil ones love putting their feet in stuff. For example the dyed rice bin was  my lils absolute favorite to cover her feet into.

While we have done painting projects where brushes or sponged as a couple of examples were used ultimately its far more fun squishing and mushing the paint between your figures and should some of that now brown green color of paint actually make it to the paper than its a successful project.

Well what wouldnt be funner than combing paint and feet?


My lil loved it, as you can see by the master piece.


My lil used a combination of hands and feet in the end with a whole lot of laughing and giggling as the paint squished between toes and figures. For the paper we used a roll of white gift wrap we purchased at our local Dollar Tree™… and using our last stove top burner cover as a pallet for paint. I rolled out a strip of fair size of the gift wrap than cut it. Placed it down on our back porch. Than let my lil loose.

Caution pure excitement and joy will be. So stay close and keep watch. Soon you’ll find your self smiling with joy and happiness just like your lil(s).

Some other really neat projects that afterwards I found, are listed below. You know already that if we do ’em it’ll be here.
The Cross For Preschoolers
idea mom’s air paint
Just to show two of the many different versions you can do.

I found that overall while very messy and a completely washable kid friendly paint is a must use. Its a great way for kids to use there creativity as well as large motor skills. You can even go further if you choose and get some practice working with fine motor skills by instructing your lil(s) to use a paint brush and paint your feet in different colors and than have them hold your leg and simulate a stamping motion with your foot. Guarantee to be fun for everyone.


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