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DIY Water Colors

This was probably just as fun for me as it was for the lils. I had to say that first because the making of these DIY watercolors was a food science amazement for me. Before I get to far, let me start with the ingredients/ supplies.

• 4 table spoons baking soda
• 2 table spoons white vinegar
• 1/2 teaspoon LIGHT corn syrup
• 2 table spoons cornstarch
• Food coloring (the gel food colors produce the most vibrant colors. That is what we used.)
• Muffin Tin or Ice Tray (as we used)
• Toothpicks or craft sticks

1.) Mix your baking soda and vinegar together.

Make sure you wait until all fizzing has stopped before proceeding to the next step.

2.) Add the LIGHT corn syrup and the cornstarch into the mixture. Take notice to make sure that all the cornstarch has dissolved.

At this point you have got in my opinion the most fascinating and mind blowing mixture. As you stir it, it hardest yet looks like a liquid. Stir relative fast and begins to form into a ball. Stop stirring and. Expands to a liquid looking soup.

Amazing and fun to play with if you ask me. I was just amazed by it. At this time separating the mixture into the muffin tin or ice tray you have chosen is done.

You must use toothpicks or craft sticks to stir the food coloring of each container.

As I said above that gel food colors work the best. They give you the most vibrant vivid color. As you can see we made several different shades of some colors. Yes even though they are water colors. You can see by dark blue and a light blue, same with the green and purples and two yellows.

Once you have mixed colors you than have to allow them to sit and dry completely. I placed the ice tray on the stove top and allowed it to sit for a couple of days. When I used the oven,  once done I left the oven door ajar and used the left over heat to radiate up and help dry the colors.

To ensure that they were dry we waited almost 72 hours for them to dry. Once dry my lil and the neighbor’s all enjoyed painting with them. Best yet let them sit and dry again, they now will dry like normal water colors.


We have used them several different times. It does take a little bit more water to get good dark solid color in comparison to a store bought watercolor palette.

While being stored they did pop out of the ice tray in solid cubes. Which could than be used for a whole many different art projects and some others like watercolor and salt are science. 😉


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