Children In The Naighborhood

I have been unsure of how to approach this issue many different times. I understand that everyone parents a little different. I believe that the minute I stop learning is the moment I am done.

That being true for my lil. Although to her scholastic learning is one thing. There are though however many other ways of learning and types of learning. In which every night in the silence before falling asleep I go down a mental check list of what she learned or how she grew that day. Yes darn near every single night I do this. It helps me, in giving myself at least some confidence that I am doing a good job parenting for her. I  have found doing this right before bed helps my personal feelings not play a part in my looking at it.

So my issue is this, I understand that living in an apartment or neighborhood is going to have kids of all ages. While to a kid who just is wanting to play with another kid, waiting for one who is in your age group can be far too much and thus the impulsive decision to knock on the door of someone to just help pass the time.

Let me explain; some nice kids who have lived close to us for about a year used to constantly ask if my lil could come over and play. Now why I avoided saying no I wasnt sure how to tell these kids that she was just too young to play with them. That yes some close family friends kids and siblings do play with her from time to time its different.  After a month or so if avoiding it finally I explained it just like that to them.

Several many months by didnt see or hear from them. Also I am sure with the fall and winter helped in that. That was until the other day.

Than yesterday afternoon they knocked at our back door asking if my lil could play. Of course my lil being used to the other two kids who are far closer in age knocking she opened it up. They asked if my lil could come play outside. Before I was able to answer my lil bless her heart had boots on and was out the door. Typically this wouldnt be an issue but after explaining twice or more that my lil only being two was not allowed to ride her bike any where other than right in front of our porch aka deck.

That my heart soon broke as I stood watching these children who had asked her to comes out and play, ride there bikes amd just tale off. My lil stopping and yelling their names in a questioning tone.
I am thankful my lil was aware that she could only ride there and didnt even attempt to follow them.
She sat looking around with the saddest eyes. For the children to return a few minutes later circle her a time and rise off again leaving her once again questioning.

After the third time of watching this I was done. More than hurt and upset that my childs feelings were being hurt. I wasnt going to allow my child to be teased and tormented by these other children who had no regard to her age and feelings. I picked my kid and her bike up all together and sharply said that she was no longer allowed go play outside with them. Especially when all they were doing was tormenting her.

My lil cried and was upset. I dont know if it was completely the correct thing to do. But my feelings and gut say it was. That I dont want my lil thinking its okay to treat people like that.

I would love to hear any similar situations and how others felt about it and what they did. So please leave comments. I have to amit I feel better now that I have blogged/talked about it.


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