Chalk Paint #2

With the super nice weather for this area even though missed all the busses today tried to make the best of it.


So we gave this new recipe for chalk paint a try. Its actually really simple.
Ingredients / Supplies
Buckets or paint trays
Paint brushes
Cheese Grader (you can buy from Dollar Tree. I wouldnt suggest using again for food after this.)


Pretty simple, grade your stick of chalk into your bucket or paint tray. For every stick you grade use between 1/4cup and 1/2cup water. Mix. Thats it! Really simple and easy.



So for the quick factor I would say this has got to be one of the faster projects. Depending on your lil’s age they could also help grade the chalk as well.

The down side to this recipe is two things; 1) The use of water causes the paint to in itself be very liquid and dull in color. Even the end dried results were pale in pigment especially in comparison to original pigment. 2.) This made it harder for my lil to see what she had painted and where. Even after grading 2 or 3 sticks of orange the dryer form was more of a salmon pinkish white. Neither of us were expecting that.

So over all simple and fast for A quite project. Not great for color or technique usage.


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