Learning & Family

Chalk Paint to fill holes

A major hit with my lil has been the Chalk Paint.

Although I have noticed the last few times we have done this, there has been a big change. By this I mean a huge change in my lil’s actions. What once was shrieks of delight and excitement as she flung her arms up and down, side to side. Has now turned into a fairly silent lil, squatting over a puddle, or so I thought.

By some further examining on my end, I quickly realized what it wasn’t; equipment malfunction (tip to squeeze bottle popping off), a overly tired kid, a bug or insect. To my enjoyment and a little shocked it was actually my lil completely focused. Squeezing the liquid out, allowing it to expand and than ever so patient (this was the shocked part) in complete silence, filling in the uncovered areas with more liquid. Resulting in what from a small distance appears as nothing more than a puddle.



Pleased by the major development mark this showed, I excitedly offered to make my lil another bottle in a different color. Only after pure positive praise and encouragement at her work she was doing.


By the end of the evening I had made a total of 3 to 5 different bottles of Chalk Paint.



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