Simple can be great fun

A toddler would prefer the box a gift comes in most of the time.

How many of us have heard some version of that? I know I have many of times. Well today was one of what I like to call ‘Simple is all it takes,’ times. With the whirl wind of weather we have had last couple of weeks here, our typical canvas for mostly everything, (The cement parking lot.), is covered in crud of this and that.

Thinking while we were outside i would sweep some, so if anything later on we could draw with chalk. I walked out set broom down turned around and . . . , JACKED! By my lil, who had ever so quickly grabbed the broom running off yelling, “I help!” At full speed. Once she slowed down enough to hear me say, “ok. Go ahead.” She was off. I sat back and my lil was talking and playing all on her own. Not even a hey mom watch, or a look mom, not even a mom help. She was playing for a good 20mins or better.


So this Simple chore of sweeping is another reminder of the simpler things can be so much more for a toddler.


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