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DIY Puff Paint


So with my new quarter not starting until next week, accompanying the lost bus pass. Today ended up being a stay-home-day for my lil. I had hoped that by doing something ‘special’ some of her attitude would go away. It didn’t.

Still we made our first attempt at DIY Puff Paint.“Wow, how cool if it really works. The things that could use it on,” had been my first thought when i discovered the recipe. After all is said and done, I now know that its not at all like the old ‘Puff Paints’ I remembered. You know the ones that squirted out like liquid and magically before your eyes with a little heat or hot breath blew up. To this soft extremely softer and ten times smaller than that can spray foaming insulation.

So the chance of using this DIY Puff Paint on anything was pretty nonexistent. Never the less it is fun, awesomely wet and thick goopy texture. Extremely great for sensory play and art. Smell not so great on. This i believe is strongly in directly the result of what brand/type of glue you use.



• 1/4 cup corn starch
• 1/4 cup school glue/paste
• 1/8 – 1/4 cup of warm water
• color temp paint or food coloring
• squeeze bottle with tip
image1.) Combine corn starch and glue in a bowl.
2.) Slowly add in warm water starting with 1/8 cup and no more than 1/4 cup.
3.) Add color and mix.
(We used Crayola Brands, Washable Figure Paint yellow.)
4.) Pour mixture into your squeeze bottle.

That’s it. Pretty simple and in our situation stinky. We used Dollar Tree™ white school glue. It stinky in my opinion on its own any way.
imageAlthough with this project i had the bright idea to fill a small tub with warm water and soap. I than placed it right in front of the sliding glass screen door. Than placing a towel directly on the other side of the tub. This way my lil had to walk through the tub to clean feet and hands before entering our home.

It proved to be very helpful.


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