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Ice Paint


With the warmer weather the last couple of days, and the incredible amount of energy from my lil the day before. I figured what better way than to be outside. So having seen a couple different versions of Ice Paints done. I gathered up the supplies needed before my lil woke up that day. Threw them together. Popped them in the freezer and was done.

So backing up a bit. The things you will need aka Supplies.


  • Miniature paper cups (we call them dixie cups)
  • craft sticks
  • Paint (I used Washable Project Paint, purchased at Walmart 6 months ago.)
  • Water



Take a miniature paper cup, squeeze some paint into a cup.  Add some water, not very much. Just enough to mix the paint with a craft stick . Leave the craft stick in the cup and place all in freezer. Repeat for each color.

I allowed them to sit majority of the day in the freezer.  Remove the cups and peel the paper cups off.  Done. The craft sticks make for a brush handle to each color.



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