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Spray Bottle Painting

wpid-img_20140703_113957_325.jpgAfter we did Ice Painting, not only has my lil been asking to paint. The kids that live around us also have been coming over and asking to paint as well.  After class one day I ran into my local Dollar Tree to pick up my lil’s favorite circle french fries as she call them. Shocked by my EBT card having $10 left on it.  I quickly grabbed up 3 spray bottles from the health and beauty section. Paid and left the store.

Once on the bus I had a quick thought of, “should I have grabbed the spray bottles from the home section?”  After some thinking, I came to the conclusion, No.  So once I had picked my lil up from daycare and got home, I tried to sneak off to the bathroom with the tub of paints and these spray bottles.  Haha! I should of never thought I could sneak… lord this turned into my toddler kicking and screaming at the bathroom door as I tried to make these. I know the fact that she was worn out as it was, made for this tantrum to including several picking up and returning to the “time out” spot in our home, more slamming of or should I say flinging the door open, kicking more on the door all the way to causing pictures to fall off the wall. It was a good tantrum to say the least.

Not really wanting to continue, I put everything away.

The next day! In better moods I opened a plastic drop cloth I had got the day before at Dollar Tree as well. I laid it out in the parking lot of where we live and placed some large rocks around it to hold it down. One of my favorite little finds at Dollar Tree has been in the gift wrapping section. They have solid color paper. This stuff why its not that good old butcher block paper it works, and when it comes to kids and art. Never can have too much paper 😉 I cut the paper into some large pages and placed them down on top of the drop cloth.

Having been able to finish the night before, once my lil went to bed. Bam! I pull out these 3 spray bottles. My lils eyes were huge and a excited smile crept up on her face. She had already been running around frantic asking what are we going to do? as soon as she seen me lay the plastic out.wpid-img_20140715_105240_422.jpg

Simple enough to make…really!

  •  1 spray bottle
  • color tempera paint (i suggest greatly use a kid friendly washable paint.)
  • water

Mix the paint and water in the bottle.  For every color of paint you will need its own spray bottle.wpid-img_20140715_105341_512.jpg

After some quick demonstrating of how to squeeze the spray bottle, I let my lil go. She had a blast. This allowed her some work on her fine motor skills. The big picture being;

fine motor skill  =  writing development

But in the mean time things like dressing her self, zippers, buttons, and snaps all use fine motor skills. * Which for my lil she is very much into, although more times than not, the ear hurting squeals and screeches that I am sure the neighbors have to hear. Are from her frustration and lack of patience in trying to do these things on her own. The lack of instant perfecting leads to ear hurting aka button pushing sounds.   So spray painting is perfect way to work on this. I also suggest letting your lil help spray plants inside or out with water, clean windows. This all is very fun for them, they are being a big helper and working on skills that they will need. All while your getting some free labor help 😉

wpid-img_20140703_113820_418.jpgBack to the painting, my lil had a blast and after the art dried I folded them up very carefully and put them in the drawer of tissue and wrapping paper. They are sure to make gifts to family and friends just a little more special. 🙂wpid-img_20140703_113905_478.jpg



I spent the day looking up birthday party themes for my lil’s birthday this year. I am torn between a painting & art party or a princess party.

So while my lil was out playing with a couple of neighbor kids. I thought that it was a good chance to try out spray bottle painting with more than one child. Here are a few photos of it.





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