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Paint the Shower Picture

Yesterday was a long day for us. With my lil having dental surgery to seal teeth and cap a couple teeth. Anyone who has been through this knows it can be either good or bad. Well needless to say, this time with local anesthesia my lil was not at all nice or friendly coming out of it. Yes, not friendly at all! Still smart though.

In order to leave the office she had to open her eyes. Which she was refusing to do so, when the anesthesiologist told her she needed to open her eyes to leave. She promptly between the cries and screams said very clearly, “I don’t want to open my eyes.” The doctor laughed and said, “go. Her brain is clearly working,” as they shook head laughing and walked out. “That’s my lil.” I thought rolling my eyes.

So to start today off a little better and hopefully minimalist the struggle of getting my lil into a shower or bath, I decided to paint the outlines of some things on our shower tile with black washable paint before she woke.

wpid-img_20140719_071730_698.jpgAfter she grazed at breakfast, I ran into the bathroom leaving her bathing suit hanging on the door knob. Quickly the door flung open! Bathing suit on she began painting and to my surprise singing… !wpid-img_20140719_084957_069.jpgwpid-img_20140719_083355_670.jpgwpid-img_20140719_083556_019.jpgI had squirted the paint into the same muffin tin we use to with Bath Time Painting.

For clean up, I took an empty spray bottle and filled it with plain soap. The soap you use in the shower to clean your body, and mixed it with water. Allowing my lil to spray away her creation. wpid-img_20140719_085553_933.jpgWhich worked very well. It comes off very simply. I followed after all was said and done with a good once over using Scrubbing Bubbles.



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