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DIY Letter Trace Cards

So after some success with the whole Dot Dot pages and Line Trace pages, I decided I would make some trace card that were small and simple that could take with us on the bus.


I went online to see if I was able to locate some Free letter trace pages or cards. Well at least better than my attempt at making some. Below you will find links and down loads for some of my favorites.

Turtle Letter Tracing

Ice Cream Cone Letter Tracing

Play Dough Letter Tracing

There are actually several many different really good free printable resources things like this under Print.

I than {because I print mine at my local library for free} Cut each letter into squares and glued it to card stock paper. Once I had all 26 letters glued to the card stock, I again cut each letter into a square.

I thank to make them even a little stronger, glued the back of one letter square card to the back of another.  Once they had completely dried, I than placed each card between two sheets of Avery® Brand Laminate Sheets. Removed all the air bubbles, and once again cut the squares out.

Pretty simple. I wasn’t trying to make a statement with these, or I would spent a lot more time on them. They work sufficiently, and my lil is still starting the line tracing. She though did attempted to do these and I believe learned how much she has to work on first 😉




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