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Attempted Sand Slime

I was so looking forward to doing this with my lil. Well I still am looking forward to trying this. I have been unsure where to put the CAUTION this will not work if…. that we learned the hard way. So I will just put it right here.

Only use clean plain sand! If you have any additives such as we did, it will not work.

So I add cinnamon to our sand to keep bugs, and animal’s out of it. [Yes it does really work.] So that is why this turned out to be “attempted” sand slime. Such as what we had. So if you have clean plain old sand the supplies you will need are,wpid-img_20140808_084448_025_20140808222934861.jpg
* School Glue (x2)
* Liquid Starch
* & Sand

It’s pretty darn simple…wpid-img_20140808_084552_974_20140808221426863.jpg
Add the glue to your container. I let my lil do this part. In fact this was the first project that she really did most of it. Its such a bummer it did not turn out.
So once you have the poured all your glue into your container. You need to add in 1/2 cup to 1 cup liquid starch. Than equal parts sand. & Mix.wpid-img_20140808_084828_090_20140808221700483.jpg In a perfect world you would mix and have slime. wpid-img_20140808_085630_516_20140808222006618.jpgwpid-img_20140808_085645_297_20140808222440105.jpg


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