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Glitter Slime


So after our first attempt at making slime, which was a flop. I didn’t have high hopes of it ever working.

I had purchased some glitter at a garage sale a few blocks down a couple weeks ago. Since than been staring at them completely unsure what I want to commit to using them for. Lets be real, who doesn’t love glitter? Child, man, or adult there is something in that shimmery shining stuff that magically lifts your spirit. While at the same time glitter with any toddler is going to be a mess.

I than remembered this just beautiful gold glitter slime that   Fun At Home With Kids had done. *she is truly the queen of slime, as she has been called by some of her readers. She has even a troubleshooting just for slime flops!

So using her instructions, we pulled out our mixing bowl & supplies.
Liquid Starch   (I got ours at  Walmart way cheaper than amazon)
• 1 1/2 [white] School Glue
* Fun at home with kids uses clear school glue. After all said and done clear glue has a pure glitter look where white has a creamy tint or overlay to it.

Pour glue into your mixing container and add liquid starch. We used 3/4 to a cup.


Than add glitter!
Let me tell you, I am going to share my own thought . . . Well hypothesis; each time you make slime the better you get and the slime.
My lil unfortunately has not been too into it. Ours is still fairly sticky. Sticky is well . . . She has only began to put band aids on herself only to take it off within 5 minutes or less. Stickers are okay so long as not stuck to her for any amount of time.

So our glitter slime is stored in an air tight container.  Waiting to be played with by someone.



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