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Fizzing Ice Bombs

wpid-img_20140831_142437_692.jpgWhile making up a list for the grocery store, I found the last little box of backing soda in it.  I grabbed it out, and poured it into our pourable measuring cup. Nuts! okay I really had used a cuss word. No corn starch.  A little frantic I search around, nothing.  Food coloring, and water was all that there was. . . here goes nothing.


  • Backing Soda
  • Water
  • Food Coloring (in this case the non gel kind worked best)
  • Craft Sticks or Tooth picks
  • Vinegar & Water Solution
  • Squeeze Bottle

Mix the baking soda and water in a pourable bowl or measuring cup.  Pour into ice cube tray.  You should only fill them about half way as I found out. Add food coloring. [I think next time, will use actual paint in place of food coloring. That might make some pretty art worthy of a place on the wall.]  You than mix each cube using your craft sticks or tooth picks.  Once done, pop the ice tray in freezer and wait.wpid-img_20140831_142758_195.jpgI have been trying to do little science type things here and there with my lil. They are always fun no matter what age.  For example I just today used a DIY method for cleaning the drain in our dishwasher and so had to try it on the bathtub/shower drain. Impressive results. As well as plenty ooh’s and aww’s followed by “mom look!’ many times.

I find why not only can something simple and easy as that bring great excitement and joy to lil’s it also gets the wheels in their heads turning. Next thing I knew my lil was standing at the bathroom sink trying to make her own fizzy bubble thing, with the drain a cup and water. In this house – just trying is what counts the most!

A few hours later siting down on the ground my lil and me on either side of a cement parking block thing. * According to Anwsers.com the proper name is Stop Bumper.   They are painted white, which makes for an alright contrast most other times. 😉 I than popped them from the ice tray and allowed my lil to line them up as she wanted. wpid-img_20140831_142427_384.jpgI than handed her one of our squeeze bottles filled with half vinegar and half warm water.  Than set her free, to squeeze and pour as she wanted. This actual no instruction was fun to watch. The amazement and shock of the vinegar and backing soda was priceless. As well as very memorable and learning that sticks. wpid-img_20140831_142541_829.jpgSo although, they did not turn out how I had hoped. I would definitely have to give these Fizzing Ice Cubes a 5 star!


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