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Spray Chalk

2Spray paint is favorite for my lil as well as several different play mates every time. This includes Spray Paint & Paint Sprayers. Not only does it help build hand and eye coordination the large motor skills it builds are important. Being able to point a spray bottle and squeeze the trigger alone are skills we learn. Add in color and the goal of creating something to hang up. Can be very fulfilling at any age.

Which led me to Spray Chalk. With the summer coming to an end. I figured if chalk paint is do-able than I surely can make spray chalk. After some searching online, the results were two different recipes. I sat back and reviewed them. One called for the use of flour and one used all corn starch. Combined with my own knowledge from Puff Paints #1 & Toddler Safe Sand that once wet, flour can have an almost cement type hold. Our back deck has prof of this all over. Nothing a little pressure washer wouldn’t fix but still. The thought of mixing flour as the base ingredient of a product that would be spray able just didn’t sit well with me.

As for the second recipe it called for the use of corn starch. After a entire summer of making squeeze chalk paint, I have learned some very important keys about corn starch and baking soda. Like the warmer the water the more liquid your cornstarch will be. [Example; when using baking soda for a bee sting, you want a thick paste like consistency. There for using less water.] How ever combine cornstarch and baking soda with hot water and it stays liquid. Not forever though.
Combining them exactly with 1/4 cup baking soda to every 1 cup cornstarch is the key for spray chalk.


• cornstarch
• baking soda
• warm or hot water
• spray bottle
• food coloring (or washable paint)
• bowl or cup that has a pour ledge

1.) Pour 1 cup cornstarch into your bowl or cup that has a pour-out type ledge to it.
2.) Directly on top of the cornstarch pour 1/4 cup baking soda.
3.) Add 1 cup hot water.
You can always add more water, I typically do.
4.) Pour this mixture into your spray bottle.
5.) Add your color
6.) Attach spray nozzle and shake.

* adding a table spoon of vinegar helped. But not necessary.

Than allow them to go to town spraying the cement or concrete.



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