Snow Sink

Yes, in fact this is DIY Snow in bathroom sink. Ever been trying to do something and your toddler is right underfoot wanting to help? If you thought yes, smiled or nodded, than you are like the many of us.

While trying to clean the bathroom a couple weeks ago my little was in the I Help Mood. After letting her help with the toilet, she began filling the sink with water and playing. Any other time this wouldn’t be a big deal. Except I was trying to clean and the water mess was growing every where by the second.  So quickly, ran to kitchen and grabbed a box of cornstarch.
Once back in the bathroom as soon as my lil seen the box was more than happy to drain the water out the sink. Around here the cornstarch box had become a symbol of activity.
Once the sink had drained, i pulled up the sink plug and dumped 1/2 a box of cornstarch in the sink. Than grabbed up some shaving cream and began spraying in the sink. A few shrieks of delight. I instructed her to “mix-a mix-a,” than let her play.



Best part was once done, just turned on the HOT water and rinsed it all down the drain. Cant get much simpler clean up than that.
All an all my lil played by herself for a good 30 or 40 mins in the Sink Snow. For the total cost under $2!


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