Pool Noodles Bathing

wpid-collage_20140929214743629.jpgNow that summer is officially coming to end, the pool noodles had been calling home a spot under my bed. That is until tonight. While making dinner tonight, I jumped on to pinterest. I have to admit, for those who don’t use it or have never used it. Caution it is highly addictive.

When right in my ‘new feeds’ section was, 19 Inventive Pool Noodle Crafts & Activities. No joke. I figured what better way to throw away the ‘stale attitude’ as I am going to call it that had begun to build between myself and my lil. You know the battle for who’s in control, my lil is absolutely a pro better than any adult I have ever meet at selective hearing.

wpid-img_20140929_184129_009.jpgReally! As I stood in the kitchen cutting them, my lil became very interested. Ignoring her, I keep on cutting. Then loading them into a basket, I walked into the bathroom, turned the water on and began filling the bath with water. In no time, my lil came running. Just as she entered the bathroom, I overly exaggerated my tossing of them into the bath filling with water. Than turned and asked, “well want to take a bath?” I am sure you know the answer.

My lil played for a good 40+ minutes, the water was more than cold before I finally pulled a reluctant kid out of the drained bathtub.  While in the bath though, we tried seeing how many we could stack while they floated. We played a smash-em game, similar to the kind at a carnival or fair. Where they hand you a big mallet type thing and the animals begin to pop out of different wholes. The goal being to smash them. Only in stead of a mallet we used our hands, and feet. The added splash and water flying definitely is far more rewarding than some bell dinging.


My lil pretended to be a dog who was digging in the dirt for it’s bone, only instead of dirt it was floating pool noodles. She did this the most, digging sending dirt “pool noodles” from one side of the bathtub to the next. This is also how a majority of the bath water ended up on the floor. Thus sending me in search of any towels we had to lay down. LOL

wpid-img_20140929_192155_157.jpgEven made a quick little boat, using a straw and square piece of foam. I am going to work on this, I have a couple of idea’s that should make them even better. Which is good, seeing how my lil loved even this one and played for ever with it. Trying to make big and even bigger waves which would send the little boat flying all over the tub, bumping from one wall to another of the bathtub. Should of called it Bumper-Noodle Sails?! hmmm maybe I am onto something there.

So there you go. Attitude was gone, and my very worn out little one was more than happy to listen and willing to go to bed sooner. Leaving both her and I happy, in far better spirits than before. Any project type thing that can do that, is a good one in my book. Not to mention was simple, took less than 5 minutes to prepare. Was virtually free, (I had originally purchased the pool noodles I believe from a garage sale at $ .25 or $ .50 each.)

One of the better blogs I have come across for activities and such to do with pool noodles is The Jenny Evolution. Simple, straight forward, easy to read and follow. No having to skim posts for info.  Please visit her, and let her know you came from Ultra Violet Indigo’s Rays. Thanks and happy pool noodling.


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