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Reach Out and Read Washington

I have got to share this wonderful program. The potential a program like this could have. I know myself being dyslexic and having had a real angel and far before his time man as my pediatrician. Who knows how long I could of spent struggling and hating school had it not been for him.

Let me explain, I was one of the first “diagnosed” kids with dyslexia. I was in the 2nd grade, and had my parents and our pediatrician not worked as hard as they did. And pushing for me and that, just maybe it was actually something bigger than just some lazy kid. I don’t know the fine details, I know though from skill I have fine tuned now. That many hours were spent on the phone by my pediatrician himself, and pulling strings with connections he had. Than with the Federal Way school district to set up testing area’s. And although my doctor wasn’t able to be there, that these “people” who were giving me what I remember being hours and hours for several days worth of tests. In these small rooms. With these test people having to than check in with my doctor at the end of every day. Results were DYSLEXIC.  (To this day, I am not sure nor will I get a response to who funded this. I know at least one of the test that was administered to me had to be flown in. Which I can only assume that meant that the person giving the test had to as well.)

So my parents, especially my mother. Equipped with my pediatrician she approached the Federal Way School District. I am sure, they did the best they could, that is the Federal Way School District. Although at this time not much was known publicly and in general about Dyslexia. I was assigned to the special education class for some subjects and my regular classroom for others. In all honestly, it was horrible. I  was in now 3rd grade and did not read at even a 1st grade level. My parents and my doctor had noticed, as well as my 1st grade teacher. The beginning of my 2nd grade year school district lines changed thus sending me to another school. Rather than do that, we just switched districts all together, to one closer to our home. There for resulting in Federal Way School District at the time having no teachers able to teach or knew how to teach a child with Dyslexia.

Years down the road, much has changed. Like wonderful programs such as Reach Out and Read Washington.


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